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Movie Review – Veronica Mars (2014)

 “A Long time ago, we use to be friends but I haven’t thought of you lately at all. If ever again, a greeting I send to you, short and sweet to the soul is all I intend.”

Listening to The Dandy Warhols’ “We Used to Be Friends” after all these years really feels incredibly nostalgic and, in this case, all the more so as this is the theme song to the cult TV show, Veronica Mars. It comes as no surprise that director/writer Rob Thomas draws inspiration from the song and these first few lines basically encapsulates the entire Veronica Mars Movie experience. This is a feature film purposely made by and for fans and the end result is more than worth it with a few caveats.

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Domestic & International Weekend Box Office Estimates March 14-16 2014

Mr. Peabody and Sherman claimed the #1 spot with about $21 million as much advertised Need for Speed stalls right out of the gate with approximately $17.8 million.  Making matters worse, the videogame to movie franchise couldn’t even take second spot as that belongs to last weekend’s champion, 300: Rise of An Empire with a haul of about $19 million.

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Movie Trailer – Veronica Mars (2014)

The Veronica Mars movie is going to be a great bellwether title to see if being a Kickstarter success story can translate into big box office numbers.  To quickly recap, the Veronica Mars movie made headlines last year when it was placed on Kickstarter where it quickly blew straight past its intended $2 million USD goal in less than ten hours.  The Kickstarter campaign ended with the project raising a mammoth $5.7 million USD.

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Teaser Trailer – Veronica Mars (2014)

Here is a movie that just about nobody ever thought would see the light of day but after the most successful Kickstarter film project in history the fans have spoken thus the  Veronica Mars movie is now a reality.  Whether or not you agree with the Kickstarter campaign that essentially meant that fans had to fund the film it certainly marks a watershed moment in movie production and it opens the floodgates for other “dead” franchises that could now potentially return if fans decided to fund them.

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