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Business – R.I.P. HP Touchpad

You know, I’ve been working on my HP Touchpad review for the past few weeks now and I still intend to finish what I started but with news coming out today that HP has effectively killed all its webOS hardware and possibly divesting itself of its PC hardware division I find my enthusiasm for finishing my review fading away.  The IT landscape is undergoing massive tectonic change right now as we probably move into the “post-PC” world as Steve Jobs wants to phrase it and as such former giants are now finding it much tougher to adapt to the new paradigm.

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We’re Back!

Well, it’s been a long time coming but after a very long hiatus The Galactic Pillow blog is back and (hopefully) better than ever!  For those wondering why I’ve been off the air it comes down to the arrival of our little bundle of joy last August which has thrown my schedule off considerably!

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