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Galactic Pillow YouTube – Judgements & Inner Circle Quests

The Dragon Age Inquisition playlists for all the Judgements and Inner Circle Quests are about as complete as I can make them. When I first heard about Judgements I was initially intrigued but wondered as to how they could be properly incorporated into the narrative but by and large, Bioware has done a good job in providing a wide variety of situations to consider.

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Beginner tips for Dragon Age Inquisition

I realize that I’m a bit late with this post considering a ton of other sites have let their own tips and tricks be known but I figured that I like the game enough to add my two cents.  Therefore, here are some of my thoughts about Dragon Age Inquisition for those who are just about to start their first single-player campaign.

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Gameplay Trailer – Dragon Age Inquisition (2014)

We are still a few months away from the most important video game conference at E3 so it goes without saying that releasing new gameplay trailers at this point in the year is certainly not expected. However, Canadian developer Bioware have surprised just about everyone by releasing this new gameplay trailer for the upcoming Dragon Age Inquisition which now has a firm date of October 7, 2014 for Canada/USA and October 9th for those in Europe.

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Dragon Age: Inquisition (2014) Update & Screenshots

Regular readers will know that I’m a big Bioware fan, specifically of Mass Effect, but I also played the heck out of Dragon Age: Origins although I’ve only finished its sequel Dragon Age 2 once.  I didn’t exactly hate the sequel but it certainly felt every bit like an extended DLC scenario rather than a full blown game as evinced by the atrocious amount of repetitive locations.  Nevertheless, while we all await the first reveal of Mass Effect 4 there’s still another game to not forget and that would be Dragon Age: Inquisition the third part in the trilogy now due to be released Fall 2014.

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Update – Mass Effect 4 (TBA)

It’s happening! Okay, maybe not so fast but here’s a simple tweet from Yanick Roy, the studio director over at Bioware Montreal, showing that the next Mass Effect game is in the early stages of production.

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PAX 2013 Mass Effect Retrospective Panel

Bioware just released the entire one hour Mass Effect panel that took place at PAX this past week which showcases members of the Mass Effect team talking about their experiences over the course of nine years working on the trilogy.  While this is obviously meant for diehard fans it is certainly an interesting video as it gives some good insight into the production of arguably the best science fiction trilogy in video gaming history.

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Mass Effect Retrospective

Here is a six minute retrospective video on the entire Mass Effect trilogy produced by Bioware featuring footage from all three games along with stories and comments from the Bioware staff about their favourite moments or characters.  The video essentially serves as a final “goodbye” from Bioware to Commander Shepard’s trilogy of games and how bittersweet it feels to be leaving these much loved characters behind.

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Mass Effect 3 Statistics From Bioware

Here’s a great picture just released by Bioware detailing some significant stats on Mass Effect 3 that are sure to engender much debate.  Although the game is now over a year old it is a testament to the series that it still generates a lot of interest although, to be fair, much of it lately was probably due to the Citadel DLC which most fans ended up loving.  I’m still in the process of writing the Citadel DLC review so I apologize for the apparent delay.

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