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Posts tagged ‘B-Movie’


Movie Trailer – Sharknado (2013)

File this one in the “so-stupid” pile as whoever thought of this concept must surely have been on something fierce.  Sure, it’s your standard Asylum produced film meaning that it is nothing but a campy B movie but watching this footage will make your IQ drop like a rock.  Still, it’s good for a few laughs.  You know you have a winner on your hands anytime you have “Academy Award Winning Actress” (not) Tara Reid screaming banal dialogue and Beverly Hills 90210 alum Ian Ziering slicing a flying shark in two with a chainsaw.

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Movie Review – Robogeisha (2009)

Noboru Iguchi’s Robogeisha might have had an insane trailer but the actual movie feels incredibly sedate as he attempts to marry a typical Japanese exploitation film with traditional sappy melodrama resulting in a final product that feels incredibly mundane despite the inclusion of slap-happy action sequences.  While it is certainly refreshing to see someone like Iguchi at least attempt to add some needed depth to the various characters it seems somewhat of a misstep considering that an exploitation film relies on every other ingredient from excessive sex and violence to purposely bad dialogue rather than spending hours of film on backstory.

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