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Xbox 360 Review – Blood Knights

Blood Knights is undeniably a B-budget title that doesn’t make any pretensions to be otherwise, yet the entire package is so decidedly sub-par with robotic animation, muddy textures, awful voice acting and brain-dead AI that it makes the game nigh unplayable.  About the only positive comment one can make is that the game indeed boots and doesn’t crash but that’s incredibly faint praise.

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Xbox 360 – A Kingdom For Keflings Review

So Microsoft has just released the famed NXE patch (shameless plug: see my review on it) and the first game they release that includes full avatar support is…A Kingdom For Keflings? What the heck is a Kefling? Worry not good sirs, although it has a rather odd title this new release from veteran Xbox Live Arcade developer, Ninjabee (Cloning Cloyd, Band of Bugs, Outpost Kaloki X), hits all the right notes while making the avatar inclusion more than an afterthought.

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