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WP7 – James Patterson’s Women’s Mystery Club: Death in Scarlett Review

While I had previously completed James Patterson’s Women’s Mystery Club: Death in Scarlett back on my old iPhone 3G here it is again for Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 and while it is nice to at least have a supposedly high quality hidden object game on the platform this particular conversion is downright pedestrian filled with low resolution textures that make finding objects nigh impossible which might not be so bad unless one takes into account the extremely sensitive controls that penalizes players at virtually every opportunity.

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WP7 – Fruit Ninja Review

Who would have thought slicing different kinds of fruit could be so addictive?  Not I that’s for sure.  However, there’s a reason why Half Brick’s Fruit Ninja is available on iOS and Android devices and that’s because it’s just a whole lot of fun in short gaming bursts.  Now that it has been released for Windows Phone 7 is it just as good?  To make a long story short, of course it is but don’t expect anything different if you already have it for other platforms.

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WP7 – Star Wars Cantina Review

Yet another iOS title now graces Microsoft’s fledgling Windows Phone 7 platform and though I can’t say that this is a top tier product it is light-hearted enough to satisfy most.  With the license for the most well known science fiction franchise in hand it is somewhat dumbfounding that THQ decided to create a time management title that features not one appearance by any known character.  Instead, Star Wars Cantina presents a completely new narrative that unfortunately is less convincing than the prequel movies.  Okay, I can’t help but level a dig at the newest trilogy but suffice it to say story is not what will keep players entertained with this title.

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WP7 – Butterfly Review

Butterfly is one of those games that must have sounded great on paper but really flubs the execution in just about every way imaginable.  The setup is certainly easy as the player controls a butterfly with their finger as they navigate the winged insect through each level trying to pollinate flowers by flying over them causing them to bloom.  The game throws many different predatory obstacles along the way including Venus fly traps, sniping fish, bees or frogs.  Touching any of these predators causes your butterfly to momentarily stop and blink while you lose precious time but there is no such thing as dying in this game which is probably a good thing if you don’t want your young kids bawling their eyes out.

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WP7 – Harbor Master Review

I find it ironic that my first game review for Windows Phone 7 ends up being a port from Apple’s iOS series of devices which, for the uninitiated, means their iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad line of products.  While Microsoft fans are probably still bawling their eyes out now that Apple has surpassed them in every which way imaginable to become the number one tech brand we should treat this news with a grain of salt.  Every industry is cyclical, a phenomenon that Apple is much too well aware of due to their history.  That said having major iOS titles grace Windows Phone 7 is not such a bad thing and Microsoft fans should at least smile that they have them instead of the other dreaded competitor which rhymes with Boogle.

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WP7 – Twin Blades: The Reaping Vanguard Review

Before diving into the review for Twin Blades I need to start with a note of caution especially for those new Windows Phone 7 owners who have purchased their headsets in the past few months.  Many might be wondering why they cannot find Twin Blades in the marketplace no matter what they do and the answer is exasperatingly simple – it’s been removed.  A few months ago Microsoft deemed the title to be infringing on their marketplace rules and decided to delist it.

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