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Anime Review – Space Battleship Yamato 2199 Episodes 1-10 (2012)

I’m going to do something I almost always do not and that is to pen a review of an on-going series that has not even reached its half-way point.  The show in question, as you might have guessed by now, is the remade Space Battleship Yamato 2199 which I briefly blogged about as coming soon last year.  Well, now that the first ten episodes are out I figured that it was about time I gave some of my impressions of perhaps the most famous anime to hit Western shores in the 1970s.  Sure, Robotech aka Macross, was more popular in the early 1980s but it is definitely Yamato which captured the imagination of many a fan and looking back today it is staggering to realize its influence considering it was released in 1972 a full five years before George Lucas launched his seminal Star Wars.

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Anime Review – Blood-C (2011)

Blood-C is a maddening anime series to review precisely because it is a perfect example of a project that seems to have been constructed backwards from a simple plot twist meant for a short episode span into a bloated full season order. Instead of being cohesive and well-paced the show is rife with dead-weight filler that chews up far too much precious screentime focused on tangential elements that have no bearing on the overall plot.

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Anime Review – Mass Effect: Paragon Lost (2012)

Mass Effect: Paragon Lost attempts to expand the Mass Effect universe away from its traditional video game roots this time into the realm of Japanese animation.  A co-production between American company Funimation and master anime studio Production I.G., Mass Effect: Paragon Lost is a prequel of sorts to Bioware’s Mass Effect 3 by showcasing how a particular incident involving a character named James Vega came to have significant repercussions that ended up scaring him for the foreseeable future. Fans of the series will however, be undoubtedly scratching their collective heads merely because James Vega is regarded as one of the least liked and utilized characters within the trilogy although to be fair this is probably due to his visual appearance more so than his actual personality.

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Movie Review – Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker (2012)

Bioware.  Yes, long time readers of this blog will no doubt know this name and if anyone has been following over the last few months they’d understand why as Mass Effect 3 has just about taken over posts and comments sending this site’s hit count soaring.  Regardless, this entry is not another Mass Effect 3 analysis but this is about Dragon Age, you know, Bioware’s other big franchise. Simply put, while Mass Effect has taken video game space opera to new heights, Dragon Age is their fantasy equivalent that retains much of the same DNA in crafting a story driven narrative that is highly influenced by player dialogue decision-making.

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Anime – Space Battleship Yamato 2199

Although I ended up liking the recent live action Space Battleship Yamato movie many long suffering fans took an opposing view that it did not live up to expectations.  Regardless, I don’t expect there to be another live action movie anytime soon yet Yamato fans should still be happy to know that 2012 will see the release of another anime series this time named Space Battleship Yamato 2199.  However, don’t expect this to be a mythical season 4 continuation of the original show as the new series is essentially an updated re-telling of season 1 featuring the now famous journey to Iscandar and the main antagonists being the Gamelons.

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Anime Review – On Your Mark (1995)

On Your Mark will definitely appeal to Miyazaki and Ghibli fans but I have an inkling that casual music video fans will like the animation but not find it particularly stimulating.”

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