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Thanks For The Responses!

Thanks for all the responses I’ve gotten on my last posting! I’ll let Kakashi from the Japanese anime Naruto give the thumbs up! It took a lot of time to write but I’m satisfied with how it turned out. Excuse me for replying in a post instead of in the comment thread but I ended up writing a reply that’s a bit too large to post in the comment field.

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"The Times They Are-A-Changing" – The country is destroying itself outside your window…

One of my favourite television series in recent years has been Veronica Mars. Watching Kristen Bell playing the title character, a cross between Nancy Drew’s sleuthing prowess and Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s quick wit and sarcasm, solve a slew of mysteries was just plain engagingly amusing. There’s an episode during its third and final season (Episode 12: There’s Got to Be a Morning After Pill) where Veronica is lying in bed with her fingers entwined with her lover, Logan, which really struck an emotional chord. The duo had suffered a continuously destructive on again off again relationship over the past few years, alternating between bouts of intense passion followed by equally fiery temper. Though it was obvious that both Veronica and Logan had deep emotional bonds with the other the relationship was always much too temperamental to last. As they shared a moment of quiet respite a lyrical but melancholy alternative rock song wafted through the speakers capturing the essence of their turbulent relationship.

The country is destroying itself outside your window
Hear the pulsing machines breaking down
See the buildings crumble to the ground
– “Western Meadowlark”, Brown Recluse Sings

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