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January 31, 2015

Galactic Pillow YouTube – Judgements & Inner Circle Quests

by Master Pillow

The Dragon Age Inquisition playlists for all the Judgements and Inner Circle Quests are about as complete as I can make them. When I first heard about Judgements I was initially intrigued but wondered as to how they could be properly incorporated into the narrative but by and large, Bioware has done a good job in providing a wide variety of situations to consider.

In fact I didn’t expect judging people could actually lead to more than a chuckle or two as a few scenarios were actually downright hilarious. That said it might help Bioware to expand a bit on judgments as most of them were incredibly easy to render a verdict considering the evidence at hand. Also, it might be wise to link them to major changes in plot if possible since one would consider executing certain figures as motivation for many to seek revenge on the Inquisitor.

I’m not talking either about ramifications that only appear as missions on the war table as these merely end up as basic text adventures. Having a judgment open up new areas or characters to meet in battle seems like a logical next step and if it links to the main plot all the better.

Although I love Bioware games, I still find that major decisions almost always affect your companions but don’t really cause the main plot to veer off in a different direction. This is understandable since it would entail much more careful planning plus the fact that the developer would have to consider branching the plot to perhaps feature multiple endings. That might not be a bad idea if this were a completely standalone story with events that have no bearing on future instalments but alas this is not the case so it is inevitable that Bioware funnel players to a predetermined outcome.

As for the Inner Circle Quests these are the scenarios which focus on all the major companions and greatly influence how they regard the Inquisitor. This is obviously not a new paradigm at all since Bioware makes use of this mechanic in every single one of their games. There is absolutely no reason not to finish these quests unless one were rushing to complete the game or just downright hated a particular companion.

Some of these quests end up revealing much backstory about a certain companion while it has to be said that others like Sera’s could have used additional fleshing out as her quests just reinforce what the Inquisitor already knows about her. Then you have questlines like Blackwall’s that completely shed new light on a character that has, till then, been rather generic which are more than welcomed.

In terms of the Dragon Age Inquisition videos on The Galactic Pillow Channel total view time is now exceeding forty hours although the daily rate of clicks is slowing down. That is to be expected considering the fact that the game has been out for months plus the sheer volume of other videos on the game that are currently circulating on YouTube.

I’ve basically finished recording all I intend to with my Dragon Age Inquisition playthrough so I’ll soon be moving on to posting videos of other games although, I really do not see myself being as thorough as I have been with Dragon Age Inquisition where I attempted to record every possible cutscene. It takes too much time to complete each game and even more to edit them that I just can’t see myself posting more than 250 videos focused on one title. At the same time, I have to admit, that I just find it more interesting to post videos where I have total control over creating my own avatar as opposed to just playing a set character.

If I had tons of free time I might consider recording games that have pre-set protagonists but I’d rather focus on ones that I have free reign over my avatar. Still, I do intend to post some videos showing episodic content like a few Telltale games so look out for those in the near future.

© 2015 The Galactic Pillow

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