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January 22, 2015

Breaking – New Writers for Star Trek 3 (2016)

by Master Pillow

Justin Lin might have taken over the director’s chair but since that announcement everyone basically wondered who exactly had taken over scriptwriting duties from departing Bob Orci and now it seems we have the answer.

Bob Orci was initially set to both direct and co-write the screenplay but with his departure it seems as if whatever he wrote has been set aside and now Deadline and other websites are breaking the news that actor/writer Simon Pegg along with Doug Jung have been hired to take over.

Yes, that’s Simon Pegg the actor who played Scotty in the last two films. However, he’s no stranger to writing as he has penned, along with his buddy Nick Frost, many movies including The World’s End, Paul, Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead. Pegg is also a huge Star Wars and Star Trek fan so this news should allay some fears that his previous work is usually much more comedic than what one expects Trek should focus on. That is unless the powers that be at Paramount want a movie in the vein of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home where Kirk went and saved those humpback whales.


As for Doug Jung, he’s a much more unknown factor here as his previous work is focused exclusively in television on shows such as Dark Blue, Banshee, Big Love and Confidence.

I have absolutely no idea how this is going to go as everything with Star Trek 3 (2016) seems like it is being done as huge course corrections at the very last minute. Lin, along with his writers, are really going to be pushing up to the deadline as to when this film needs to begin actual shooting in order to get the movie out by its intended July 8, 2016 release date.

There’s also unconfirmed rumours circulating late tonight that the actual start date for filming is sometime in April which really sounds next to impossible considering the very short time frame between now and then in order for Pegg and Jung to get a script out. It’s probably more likely that the production be pushed back a few months essentially forcing Lin to speed through filming in order to hit his dates.

Whatever happens let’s hope this new team hits its stride quickly or else Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary might end up as a big lemon.

© 2015 The Galactic Pillow

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