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January 19, 2015

Galactic Pillow YouTube – Dragon Age Inquisition Act 1 Mage Quest line & Scout Harding

by Master Pillow

I’ve completed the upload of the entire mage quest line, “In Hushed Whispers,” for Act 1 of Dragon Age Inquisition. Previously, I uploaded the path where players choose the Templars (“Champions of the Just”) but I’ve now included the mage choice so that you can take a look at how different the storylines turned out.

These quest lines are unique and Bioware has done an exemplary job of providing two totally different narratives although, they both essentially end up funneling right into the same Act 1 ending quest, “In Your Heart Shall Burn.”

I followed the Mage path on my first play through on normal difficulty and subsequently chose to support the Templars on my nightmare run.  In my opinion, although I have always been on the mage side throughout all three Dragon Age games, the Templar quest really felt more personally engaging to my Inquisitor considering what happens.  Also, the time constraints in certain sections during this quest line force players to hurry up and really accentuated the tension that there was much at stake.

In contrast, the Mage quest was lacking this component meaning you could take your sweet time exploring every nook and cranny of the castle even though the narrative clearly stated that the longer the party took in taking down the threat the greater the chance that the main antagonist would find them.  Finally, though the temporal element was a welcomed change it also opens up a huge can of worms that could potentially be misused in future storylines as a cheap tactic to get out of a narrative dead-end.  Hopefully, the Bioware writers tread carefully using this new element to the Dragon Age lore.

I’ve also finished all of the cutscenes where everyone’s favourite female dwarf, Scout Harding, introduces the Inquisitor to each new area. Admittedly, Harding doesn’t exactly have much screen time but already some fans have been clamoring for some DLC where she can be romanced. I’m not exactly in that group but I have to admit that it would make some sense if she were indeed a romantic option, especially if one made a dwarf Inquisitor.

If you do a quick search of YouTube you’ll find that those playing a dwarf really look out of place if they enter into a romance with someone like Iron Bull as the sheer size difference makes the pairing feel more like some weird inside joke rather than something that could actually occur. Then again the entire Iron Bull romance comes off as comedic rather than emotionally heartfelt but that is also part of its charm.

There are already over two hundred videos on the Galactic Pillow YouTube channel but many of the other playlists are not complete. Act 2 in particular is giving me fits since the final segment that concludes this section is refusing to upload properly. At this rate I might have to do something drastic to force it to work. Hopefully, I can get it sorted out soon.

Thanks to everyone who has checked a video out over the past few weeks. So far my statistics show that users have watched over 30 hours from my channel which is certainly cool, especially considering that there are thousands of Dragon Age Inquisition videos already in circulation.

People have asked me what I intend on doing after I finish with Dragon Age Inquisition and so far I really don’t have concrete plans. With so many gaming channels I really am not sure if anyone would want to see even more footage from older video games. For instance, I could easily upload footage from something fairly recent like Sunset Overdrive or even a smaller title like Valiant Hearts but there is already tons of existing video in circulation.

Nevertheless, I’ll see what happens once the Dragon Age Inquisition footage is complete. Till next time – Happy watching!

© 2015 The Galactic Pillow

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