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January 8, 2015

Galactic Pillow YouTube – Dragon Age Inquisition Prologue & Act 1

by Master Pillow

The Galactic Pillow YouTube channel now has the complete Dragon Age Inquisition Prologue and the entirety of Act 1 all the way up to the chapter ending quest, “In Your Heart Shall Burn.”

As mentioned in a previous post, I’ve ripped out all the gameplay and left just the cutscenes which focus on Ylisha Lavellan, my Dalish Elf mage and her travels around Southern Thedas. So far the channel seems to be doing decently as over 12 hours of video has already been screened by viewers from around the world so I’m happy with the results considering the vast amount of competition already available.

The only issues I’ve encountered are some oddities with YouTube where my video is not processed and fails for no apparent reason. Though this is frustrating the workaround seems to be just re-editing the offending video by either splitting it into separate videos or by simply erasing a few frames here and there.

Dragon Age Inquisition Prologue

The Prologue is basically the game’s tutorial area where players learn how to control their characters as well as the various skills and roles each companion plays in a party. This area is extremely linear and it doesn’t really allow players any chance to explore, although there are a few locations off the beaten track to be found.

In terms of narrative, the Prologue details the requisite events that introduce the main player-created protagonist and the various questions surrounding her current predicament.

Dragon Age Inquisition Act 1

Act 1 is far more loosely structured as players are encouraged to begin their travels around Southern Thedas through regions such as The Hinterlands, The Storm Coast and Fallow Mire. More importantly this Act introduces all the party companions and has a clear branching path in the narrative where players have to choose to support one of two factions.

I’ve played through the entire game twice, each time choosing a different faction and I have to say that Bioware did a great job in presenting two totally different questlines and that picking a favourite between them is certainly tough. However, looking back, one choice seems to open more quests later in the game that leads to revealing additional details about the main antagonist and his motivations. The fact that these details don’t appear in the other questline is a bit of an oddity but you can probably chalk up this design decision as a strategy to encourage players to go through the game more than once.

For the interests of providing a coherent playlist I’ve only included one of the branching questlines in its entirety as it makes no narrative sense to include both as they conflict with each other.  I’ll upload a separate playlist showcasing the other questline at a later date.

The Act 1 ending quest, “In Your Heart Shall Burn,” is easily the traditional action high-point of the game as it really unfolds much like a Hollywood Blockbuster movie with just the right combination of kinetic combat coupled with heroic emotional beats. That said it also does give the impression that the rest of the game will follow suit which it really does not as the end of Act 2 is instead incredibly scaled back and feels more like a political thriller in the vein of those 1970s Watergate movies rather than a summer Hollywood action spectacle.

Nevertheless, “In Your Heart Shall Burn,” will leave a lasting impression on most gamers and compel many to dive head-first into Act 2 which is, incredibly, on a magnitude longer than Act 1. If I had to take a guess, Act 2 is at least twice to three times as long as Act 1 and those who slowly discovering everything the game has to offer might find themselves quickly mowing through 50-100 hours just exploring every nook and cranny in the new zones in Act 2.

For those who only want to see the events in “In Your Heart Shall Burn” I’ve created a separate playlist that only showcases the questline.

In the meantime, I’m furiously trying to edit the rest of the cutscenes as fast as I can and am uploading videos daily. You can check out the other playlists that are featured on the YouTube site but be warned that most are not feature complete.

© 2015 The Galactic Pillow


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