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December 24, 2014

Breaking – Star Trek 3 gets a firm release date!

by Master Pillow

The Star Trek movie news continues as less than a day after Justin Lin was announced as the new director for the next installment now comes official confirmation from Paramount on a firm release date.

Paramount has just announced what we all expected that Star Trek 3 helmed by Justin Lin is due to premiere July 8, 2016 right smack in the middle of the lucrative summer movie season.  More meaningful is the fact that all the Hollywood insiders were right that Paramount has made this move a priority to coincide with the big marketing push that 2016 is Star Trek’s 50th anniversary so there is no doubt the company is going to milk this point in all its advertising.

While locking down a big name director and planting a “line in the sand” by announcing a firm release date should be seen as huge positives the fact remains that we don’t really know much about the film whatsoever.  There is still no confirmation by anyone as to the state of the script or whether or not Bob Orci and his team are still writing it.

Time constraints are certainly in play here as the film is scheduled to begin shooting fairly soon sometime in the 1st quarter of 2015 so there’s really not much time for Justin Lin to come in and do a total revamp of the script if he so wishes.  Then again, with so many moves going on behind the scenes we have no way of knowing if Lin or others have been working on script rewrites over the past few weeks or months.


Quick Release Date Analysis

While much press has been focused on the huge number of potential 2015 blockbuster movies (Star Wars Episode 7, Avengers 2, etc.) not much has been written on 2016.  However, while 2016 seems far away we already know of many projects in development especially for the summer season.

Currently Independence Day 2 is scheduled to open June 24 along with the reboot of The Mummy franchise.  ID2 is direct competition for Star Trek 3 but should not be an issue considering there is a two week break between films.

Opening July 1st is Tarzan along with the Angry Birds movie.  Neither should overlap with Trek’s intended audience.

So far Trek 3 is the only major release penned in for July 8th so barring any unforeseen circumstances it has the entire weekend to itself.

The following week on July 15th sees the release of Ice Age 5 and The Bourne Legacy 2 both of which still do not impinge on Trek’s core demographic.

In other words, the July 8th, 2016 release date so far looks like a winner although it is far too early to get into an in-depth analysis as companies will be constantly jockeying for the “optimal” release date for their films.  Also, there’s also a strong possibility that some 2015 films will fall back to 2016 which would seriously play havoc with the release schedule as well.

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