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May 17, 2014

Early Weekend Box Office Update – Godzilla stomps all competition with easy #1

by Master Pillow

Godzilla was widely expected to open #1 this weekend but it has not only done that but has blown expectations away with a hefty $38.53 million Friday which gives it the best opening day of any 2014 film thus far. If it manages to keep this pace up it could potentially challenge Captain America: The Winter Soldier’s huge opening weekend take of around $95 million.

Indeed, depending on how things go over the next day and a half the film could get close to $100 million which should make studio execs incredibly happy. Going into the weekend most box office prognosticators expected the film to fall between $65-75 million but so far it has easily outstripped those predictions. The only negative news that might portend rocky waters ahead is the fact that the film has so far received a “B+” CinemaScore instead of a coveted “A” which means some diehard fans were not too pleased.

However, a close to $100 million opening weekend is simply stellar and, unless the film completely tanks next weekend when X-Men: Days of Future Past opens, is virtually guaranteed to top $200 million domestic.

In other news last weekend’s breakout hit, Neighbors, looks to fall sub 50% which is an excellent hold as it should hit around $91 million total domestic gross come Monday morning. In third spot is Sony’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 which continues to sink fast with an extra $16 million and change. That would give the film roughly $171 million after the weekend and basically assures it of finishing with a lower gross than the original reboot. Ouch. Still, like last weekend, the film continues to blow away the competition in International markets so Sony probably isn’t too concerned at this point.

© 2014 The Galactic Pillow

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