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May 14, 2014

Godzilla (2014) Official Extended International Featurette

by Master Pillow

We are just days away from Godzilla opening here in Canada/USA so those who don’t want to be spoiled should probably avoid this Extended International Featurette as it contains a ton of new footage as well as story elements. This is a pretty meaty 13 minute video containing cast and crew interviews along with footage from the film and though it is marketing material it certainly is better than most which are only superficially informative.

The marketing campaign deserves much kudos for cutting together some compelling trailers that have clearly resonated with the film’s core demographic as the film looks like a lock to open somewhere in the vicinity of $65-75 million this coming weekend. While that might pale in comparison to recent franchise films such The Amazing Spider-Man 2 ($91 million) or Captain America The Winter Soldier ($95 million) take note that this is basically a reboot of the original IP for modern audiences whereas those other films are all sequels to established franchises.

A few months back most box office prognosticators were hoping that the film would hit Pacific Rim ($37 million) numbers but after a successful marketing campaign those expectations have seriously ballooned where there is no doubt that it will easily win this weekend even if sleeper hit Neighbors holds up well.

There is still the question on whether or not the film can expand past its core demographic to become a true blockbuster but the film is certainly getting much help as it is receiving higher than average scores from film critics where it currently stands at 85% fresh over at Rottentomatoes. The good reviews will certainly boost audience awareness but more important will be initial opening weekend viewers and positive word of mouth.

The release of Godzilla will probably send The Amazing-Spider Man 2 spiraling downwards as it continues its rapid decent in domestic markets due to poor word of mouth and lukewarm reviews. Things aren’t that bad for Sony as the film is cleaning up in global markets and its total gross so far sits at a huge $553,041,086 which means it is basically a lock to soon surpass Captain America The Winter Soldier’s total box office take of around $700 million.

Still, both Godzilla and Spider-Man 2 will have to contend with X-Men Days of Future Past which blasts onto cinema screens next week during American Memorial Day weekend where it should easily dominate ticket sales. Although it is massively early to pronounce anything at this date so far Days of Future Past is running a ridiculous 94% over on Rottentomatoes as early reviews trickle in. There’s virtually no way that it keeps that high a score but if it somehow bucks the trend then that will bode well for re-establishing the X-Men as a AAA blockbuster franchise.

© 2014 The Galactic Pillow

Godzilla (2014) Official Extended International Featurette

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