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May 5, 2014

TV Trailer – Star Wars: Rebels (2014)

by Master Pillow

I must admit that when I first heard of Star Wars: The Clone Wars that I was highly dubious of its worth but the show won me over as it progressed with some compelling and incredibly dark, for a TV show, storylines that added some oomph that was missing from George Lucas’ Prequel trilogy. However, the moment Disney purchased Lucasfilm nearly everyone could guess that The Clone Wars would come to an ignominious demise and it did while Disney went on to commission Star Wars: Rebels to premiere on its own channel.

I have to say that much like the early previews of The Clone Wars that Rebels looks exceedingly awkward and the Disney-inspired style is plainly obvious, although that is to be expected. Since the show is on Disney one certainly hopes that the showrunners are allowed some leeway in weaving a compelling plot considering the rather sanitized nature of everything else on the channel.

The cynic in me questions if Disney executives would ever permit or even green-light some truly hard-hitting episodes in the vein of later narratives from The Clone Wars or if they intend on keeping a tight grip on keeping the show more lighthearted.

Granted, the Star Wars franchise still looks as if it is mainly targeting young teens and those of us who grew up on the original trilogy are probably going to be left on the sidelines wishing for something a bit more mature.

As for Star Wars: Rebels I’m cautiously optimistic as some of the talent that worked on The Clone Wars is part of the new behind-the-scenes crew. Still, I can’t help but think that the character (Ezra) with the futuristic sling-shot has got to be some sort of inside joke as the weapon clearly doesn’t evoke feelings of competency or authority. Perhaps they are going for a David VS Goliath feel or that eventually he will wield a lightsaber seeing as a former Jedi (Kanan) is in the crew but I’m sure the first few episodes are going to feature some truly cheesy action sequences.

Then again, let’s hope the show follows The Clone Wars and quickly grows up considering the time frame that it takes place – between Episode 3 and 4 with the Empire already in control of the galaxy and the rebellion just beginning to stir.

© 2014 The Galactic Pillow

TV 60 Second Trailer – Star Wars: Rebels (2014)


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