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April 29, 2014


Asia Trailer – Godzilla (2014)

by Master Pillow

Here is the newest Asian trailer for the upcoming Godzilla movie which features a ton of new footage as well as revealing that Godzilla isn’t exactly the only monster in town. Most have already figured that out judging from previous trailers but we now get a much better glimpse of both Godzilla and the other creature.

Godzilla was always a huge gamble to bankroll as the franchise isn’t exactly as well-known as it once was especially in the West but the first teaser trailer really hit it out of the park as it spiked audience awareness to a level that should make studio execs incredibly happy.

Most box office prognosticators were lukewarm with the film’s prospects but after that teaser everything certainly has changed and very early tracking now has the film heading for a potentially massive $70+ million opening weekend. That is simply astounding for a film that was basically flying way under the radar until that first teaser. At that point most people pegged Godzilla to open to Pacific Rim numbers meaning $30-40 million but a very effective marketing campaign has now ballooned expectations.

If Godzilla does open in the mid-70 million range it will seriously affect The Amazing Spider-Man 2’s total gross and it might also dampen the expectations for X-Men Days of Future Past especially if critical reaction is decidedly positive.

Still, while everyone mainly focuses on X-Men, Transformers 4 or even Guardians of the Galaxy my bet for summer box office front runner is actually something else namely, How to Train Your Dragon 2. Family 3D animated movies are always a good bet but unlike last summer How to Train Your Dragon 2 seems to have much less competition in that category. We’ll see if I’m right come the end of August.

© 2014 The Galactic Pillow

Asia Trailer – Godzilla (2014)

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  1. FanFicTales
    Apr 29 2014

    Not sure why, but this trailer feels a bit more ‘humorous’ rather than thrilling with action and suspense.

    Maybe it’s because I can’t take Godzilla seriously.

    Anyway, I hope it does well. 🙂


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