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April 8, 2014

Update – Top 10 Domestic Box Office Movies of 2014

by Master Pillow

With the atypical launch of Disney/Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter’s Soldier last week that successfully performed like a summer blockbuster, it shook up the domestic box office while at the same time validating the strategy to open huge films outside of traditional time frames.   It wasn’t long ago that the summer movie season started on American Memorial Day weekend but it has slowly gotten earlier and earlier until it currently has settled on the first weekend of May.

It really wasn’t until 2009’s Fast and Furious when a studio successfully launched a massive blockbuster in the month of April and Captain America: The Winter’s Soldier’s initial success certainly will make studios attempt to open more big films during this month to avoid the stiff summer competition.

With stellar critical reviews and great word of mouth there is every reason to believe that The Winter’s Soldier will easily blow away the original film’s total box office take ($176,654,505) and could very well make close to $300 million USD if it experiences strong holds throughout the rest of the month. The film really has no direct competition until The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens on May 2nd giving it ample opportunity to rake in the dough.

Nevertheless, here are the current top 10 domestic box office hits of 2014:

Rank Movie Domestic Box Office
1 The LEGO Movie $250,729,663
2 Ride Along $133,954,125
3 Divergent $114,809,044
4 300: Rise of An Empire $104,160,148
5 Mr. Peabody & Sherman $102,441,006
6 Captain America: The Winter Soldier $101,243,273
7 Non-Stop $88,249,875
8 The Monuments Men $76,974,294
9 Noah $73,642,357
10 The Nut Job $63,532,141

This list is sure to radically change over the course of the month as Captain America powers its way up to challenge The LEGO Movie while other films such as Noah and Divergent also continue to make coin. Noah should come close to $100 million while Divergent should finish above $140 million domestic.

© 2014 The Galactic Pillow

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