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March 4, 2014

Xbox One – Titanfall Launch Trailer

by Master Pillow

Here is the official launch trailer for EA/Respawn’s Titanfall that is due to be released next week on March 11 on Microsoft’s Xbox One.  This marks the first potential blockbuster release of the next generation console war and surely everyone in Redmond is going to be hoping that it boosts Xbox One sales and becomes the next big franchise the system desperately needs.

There is no doubt that Microsoft is now playing catch-up to Sony’s Playstation 4 which has simply outsold the Xbox One since the two consoles were released late last year.  Microsoft really only have themselves to blame for the current predicament although the $100 price differential is surely a big sticking point for potential consumers.

Nevertheless, Microsoft and EA have been hyping Titanfall ever since the game’s reveal at E3 last year where it garnered a ton of subsequent acclaim.  Judging from previews and the completed beta it seems that EA and Microsoft have a big hit on their hands but it is to be determined if that somehow translates into console sales.  Microsoft surely hopes that the game brings more gamers to the platform but one can also argue that those who really wanted the game have already bought the system during the past few months.

What will certainly be interesting is seeing if the game’s lack of a single-player campaign has any effect on potential sales as the game is on-line multiplayer only.  Multiplayer and Xbox Live have always been strengths of the Xbox brand but purposely leaving out single-player content will certainly dissuade some potential buyers.

Microsoft has recently announced a special Titanfall Xbox One bundle for release in Canada/USA that comes with the console and a copy of the game for $499.99.  That’s a decent deal considering the fact that the system itself retails for the same price.  Clearly, Microsoft is hoping to see a sales bump this month but we’ll only see the results come the NPD report in April.

Some have asked me if I will be reviewing the game and the quick answer is that I have no idea mainly because I have never really liked on-line multiplayer FPS titles.  Therefore, if I review FPS titles like Battlefield 4 or Call of Duty: Ghosts I would simply focus my thoughts on the single-player campaign only but since Titanfall has no such option I remain undecided if I even want to attempt to write about it.

Still, many gamers will take the plunge and I’m sure the title will do well at retail although perhaps not quite to the level Microsoft/EA hopes it will.

© 2014 The Galactic Pillow

Titanfall Launch Trailer

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