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January 4, 2014

Photography – Xbox One & Playstation 4 Instagram Pictures

by Master Pillow

Since I have two editorials leading the site about the Xbox One and PS4 I thought it would be appropriate to post a few pictures I took while setting up the systems in my office.  None of these pictures are in any way “award-winning” as I was in a rush to plug everything in and start gaming so I apologize for the lack of artistry.

Someone asked me why I didn’t do unboxing videos and my reply was that I just couldn’t be bothered considering the fact that you could find hundreds if not thousands of said videos already on YouTube or other video sharing services.  Besides, every box is the same anyways!

I doubt many would like to hear me wax poetic about the PS4’s deliciously sharp angles or how Kinect 2.0 looks vaguely creepy with those always-on three infrared lights that harken back to Cylons or the infamous Hal 9000.  At least it hasn’t called me “Dave” yet, although if it does, it’s certainly time to bail on gaming for the foreseeable future.

PS4 Gallery

Xbox One Gallery

© 2014 The Galactic Pillow

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