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January 3, 2014

Galactic Pillow – January 2014 Update

by Master Pillow

Well that took longer than I expected.  Sorry for the lack of updates over the past three weeks as I was on vacation in Hong Kong and Malaysia.  At first I intended to keep blogging but due to some unforeseen events, like lack of Internet access, I was unable to do so.  Not to mention I was dog tired by the end of virtually every day so the last thing I was going to do was to jump online and do entertainment updates and reviews.  Oh well.

Nevertheless, not all is lost as I was able to pound out some rough drafts of four Xbox One reviews as well as managed to see a few films that I will eventually review.  At the same time I took upwards of 2000 digital photos, some of which will probably make their way to this site with my photography updates.

The bad news is that I had a few blog posts queued up to post but couldn’t meaning I will now post them in the next few days although the content is basically dated such as one photography post with pictures I took way back in October 2013.

Looking forward to 2014 it should be back to business as usual as I now don’t have any vacation time remaining for the foreseeable future plus the January/February timeframe is basically a downtime for both movies and video game releases allowing me to catch up with my reviews and editorials.

As always, if there is something you want me to write about just send me a comment and I’ll see if I can accommodate your request.

In the meantime, happy belated New Year to everyone!

PS: Yes, that featured photo is how my Avatar now looks like on the Xbox One. 

© 2013 The Galactic Pillow

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