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October 30, 2013

Giant Bomb’s Game of Thrones Characters as Video Game Consoles

by Master Pillow

Considering that I have my reviews for Game of Thrones Season One and Season Two right now batting in lead-off positions for my site I figured I might as well draw your attention to this rather funny post over on where they decide to compare various characters from George R.R. Martin’s series to, of all things, individual video game consoles.

I usually scoff at such articles as most are plainly not well-reasoned but this one actually manages to compare these two completely different subjects in a funny, yet logical manner.  Obviously, this is the type of post where intimate knowledge of both Game of Thrones and video game history is mandatory or else it won’t make a lick of sense.  Also, be aware that there are mild spoilers involved here so anyone who is not really up to date with Game of Thrones should read it at their own risk.

As for myself, I managed to have a few hearty laughs but I can’t help feeling completely nostalgic looking at those pictures of those long-forgotten consoles like the 3DO, Sega Saturn and the original Game Boy.  Hmmmm, I have all of those systems sitting in their original boxes in a nearby closet…makes me want to go start them up just for old time sake.

Link: Giant Bomb’s Game of Thrones Characters as Video Game Consoles Post

© 2013 The Galactic Pillow

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