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October 8, 2013

Marketing – Samsung’s Galaxy Gear Smartwatch (2013)

by Master Pillow

Whether or not you are a big Apple or Android (or Windows Phone) fan, one has to admit that Samsung has made some decent commercials, most famously for poking fun at Apple supporters with their comedic Galaxy smartphone ads.  This particular ad dumps the humour entirely and replaces it with a huge does of nostalgia making it perfect for those who have seen or know about each example that it highlights.

While I certainly think that the ad hits all the right emotional notes it also has to be mentioned that younger viewers will probably not be so impressed.  The problem with playing the nostalgia card should be readily apparent to all that it only really works as intended if one is aware of the various sources.

How many kids today really know who Dick Tracy is?  What about Knight Rider?  I remember when that show premiered back in 1982 and how kids everywhere thought it was the bee’s knees, yet that was over thirty years ago and the concept has certainly not aged well at all considering it flopped hard when it tried to come back to network television a few years ago. Do youngsters even know who David Hasselhoff is?

The ad did remind of something which I had conveniently forgotten: Kirk had a snazzy watch back in Star Trek The Motion Picture.  If I were still running the Star Trek fan club I’d probably be lynched for forgetting that detail.

In terms of the product itself, I have to say that I have absolutely zero interest in it as the thought of talking into my watch makes little sense to me especially since it still requires a Samsung phone as well.  Taking pictures with my watch?  Why bother since the paired Samsung phone has a better camera.

Without actually using one I admit that I can’t give an informed review yet this is one piece of tech that I won’t be waiting in line for.  Now, if someone just gave me one for free….

In the meantime, call me when they make something like the insignia pin communicator from Star Trek The Next Generation.

© 2013 The Galactic Pillow

Marketing – Samsung’s Galaxy Gear (2013)

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