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August 9, 2013

Dragon Age: Inquisition (2014) Update & Screenshots

by Master Pillow

Regular readers will know that I’m a big Bioware fan, specifically of Mass Effect, but I also played the heck out of Dragon Age: Origins although I’ve only finished its sequel Dragon Age 2 once.  I didn’t exactly hate the sequel but it certainly felt every bit like an extended DLC scenario rather than a full blown game as evinced by the atrocious amount of repetitive locations.  Nevertheless, while we all await the first reveal of Mass Effect 4 there’s still another game to not forget and that would be Dragon Age: Inquisition the third part in the trilogy now due to be released Fall 2014.

Hopefully, Bioware hits it out of the park and convinces those fans that hated Dragon Age 2 that it was just an aberration and so far it certainly sounds like they are on the right track.  For more in depth details about the game players can pick up the new issue of Game Informer which features Dragon Age: Inquisition as its cover story.  There is a ton of information revealed but the most pertinent would be the inclusion of more than one playable race for the male/female protagonist (human, dwarf and elf confirmed so far) as well as the reveal that Varric and Cassandra from Dragon Age 2 will be party members.  Indeed you can see both characters in the following screenshots from Game Informer as well as a Qunari looking at some castle/city.



Varric and Cassandra are also featured on the Game Informer cover although I am not sure if the shot is from actual gameplay.  Here’s hoping it is or at least an in-engine cutscene so that we can gauge the increase in graphical prowess of next-gen consoles.  Then again both Dragon Age games have never been known to be graphical showcases although if gamers are planning on playing them I would easily recommend the PC versions.


Fans of Dragon Age 2, yeah there are a few, will note that good old Cassandra looks almost exactly the same albeit in much greater detail although there is part of me that wishes she looked a bit more like her anime form from the Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker movie.  Yeah, that’s probably too much of a visual clash as the Bioware Western style doesn’t exactly mesh with anime too well but I’m sure some PC modders will find a way to do it on that platform.

Also revealed is a new character named Vivienne who is a mage from Orlais who you can see in the screenshot with Varric and Cassandra as well as the fact that though Morrigan is around that she will unfortunately not be a party member.

With Gamescon right around the corner there’s a good chance that we are finally going to see some significant gameplay footage as well.

© 2013 The Galactic Pillow

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