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March 26, 2013

PAX 2013 Mass Effect Retrospective Panel

by Master Pillow

Bioware just released the entire one hour Mass Effect panel that took place at PAX this past week which showcases members of the Mass Effect team talking about their experiences over the course of nine years working on the trilogy.  While this is obviously meant for diehard fans it is certainly an interesting video as it gives some good insight into the production of arguably the best science fiction trilogy in video gaming history.

The panel goes in-depth into some of the results found in the recently released statistics and it is interesting to hear what the development team went through and their thought processes on how they reached certain decisions.  For instance, it is revealed that at one point Tali was not going to be a squad member in ME3. Although Casey Hudson does talk a bit about the ending controversy it is by and large ignored here as the focus is on the trilogy as a whole.

I’ve been talking about this series and ME3 in particular for more than a year now on this blog and with this and the other retrospective video along with the Citadel DLC it seems to be the right time for fans and Bioware itself to move on to other projects.  While there is obviously going to be a Mass Effect 4 (or whatever they end up calling it) it is also interesting to note that the core of the Mass Effect team in Edmonton is now working on a brand new IP. In the meantime Bioware fans have Dragon Age 3 to look forward to.

© 2013 The Galactic Pillow

PAX 2013 Mass Effect Retrospective Panel

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