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March 25, 2013


Mass Effect Retrospective

by Master Pillow

Here is a six minute retrospective video on the entire Mass Effect trilogy produced by Bioware featuring footage from all three games along with stories and comments from the Bioware staff about their favourite moments or characters.  The video essentially serves as a final “goodbye” from Bioware to Commander Shepard’s trilogy of games and how bittersweet it feels to be leaving these much loved characters behind.

Then again it ends with just a smidgen of information on how Bioware is going to proceed for Mass Effect 4 by making the case that the Mass Effect universe is huge and almost infinite and that Shepard and his/her crew was just one small story that they followed for three games.  Still, Bioware’s Montreal team which is now in charge of the next game has huge shoes to fill considering the rabid fanbase is going to demand excellence and the last thing they need is another supposed debacle on the level of Mass Effect 3’s ending.  Thankfully, the Citadel DLC seems to have worked wonders in at least bringing some wandering fans back into the fold although I doubt the next game is going to feature that much comedy.

Until more news on Mass Effect 4 breaks enjoy this retrospective which features some of the franchise’s most memorable moments and music tracks.  It’s a no-brainer that the video ends with what I thought was Mass Effect 3’s standout track, the poignant “Leaving Earth” by Clint Mansell, although to be fair it could have concluded with Sam Hulick’s “Farewell and Into the Inevitable” from the Citadel DLC for obvious reasons.  After all, it was “The Best…”

© 2013 The Galactic Pillow

Mass Effect Retrospective

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