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March 24, 2013


Mass Effect 3 Statistics From Bioware

by Master Pillow

Here’s a great picture just released by Bioware detailing some significant stats on Mass Effect 3 that are sure to engender much debate.  Although the game is now over a year old it is a testament to the series that it still generates a lot of interest although, to be fair, much of it lately was probably due to the Citadel DLC which most fans ended up loving.  I’m still in the process of writing the Citadel DLC review so I apologize for the apparent delay.


Looking at these statistics here are a few thoughts:

82% of players picked Male Shepard:  Ouch.  Femshep fans are going to be upset but this stat is no big surprise considering that most gamers are male and pick same gender avatars.  However, the problem with such a lopsided win by Male Shepard makes it more likely that corporate big shots that only care for catering to the “core demographic” will look at this and come to the conclusion that this is why games need male lead protagonists over female.

Much like the movie industry this would be a worrying trend as it might lead to less creativity as developers keep churning out male dominated games and relegate women characters to supporting roles.  Just look at the comments made by the developers of the upcoming game “Remember Me” who recently told their tale of how tough it was for them to find a publisher for their game because the lead protagonist was female.  This is not only saddening but it speaks volumes as to how the industry works as game development becomes hitched to hoary-old clichés and stereotypes that end up churning out product to only one narrow demographic.

This post isn’t the place to get into a deep discussion about gender equality in gaming yet the fact that Femshep has a legion of diehard fans should tell developers and publishers that there is indeed a large market for games featuring a female lead protagonist.  For the sake of argument, if you were to make the statement that the majority of gamers choose avatars of the same gender it would mean that ME3 which roughly sold over 4 million units on PS3, PC and Xbox 360 would have over 700,000 female gamers purchasing the title.  That is not an insignificant sales figure and one hopes that developers and publishers realize that they are ignoring a large segment of the gaming public by forever releasing games featuring only bald male marines with big guns.

43.7% played as a solider: Whoa, this is high but it is no surprise considering solider is Shepard’s default.  Much like the previous stat showing male Shepard winning by a large margin this figure speaks volumes in understanding that most gamers just stuck to the default Shepard settings.  It is far easier to pick the solider class as it focuses entirely on guns whereas other classes mix it up with biotic powers that might be initially tougher to understand. It is too bad since many of the other classes are arguably more fun to play rather than just sticking to guns.

Only 4% finished the game on “insanity” difficulty: Wow, this is a low percentage.  Insanity in ME3 was significantly easier than ME2.  Oh well.

39.8% earned the long service medal: I would have thought this would be higher.  You only get this medal for having played through ME3 twice or once with a ME2 import character.  This figure also hints that many new fans decided to pick up the series with ME3 which is not exactly optimal considering they would have missed a ton of backstory.

64% of players didn’t meet Wrex in ME3: No surprise either considering you had to save him back in the first game.  Unfortunately, it also means many new fans had no idea they were missing out on one of the best characters.

3.8% of players shot Mordin: Oh boy.  That’s 3.8% too many!

58% of players let Garrus win the shootout: No surprise here as Garrus is a fan favourite.

24.1% Picked Liara as most popular squad member: Again, no surprise as Liara has figured prominently in the marketing all the way back to the first game.  Besides, Garrus at 23.8% is right behind her which is another fan favourite.  Pity poor Kaidan at a lowly 1.5%.

64.5% Picked Paragon over Renegade:  Finally, it is no surprise that most players chose to play Shepard as the good guy/girl over the total ass**** renegade Shepard.  I thought Renegade might be a bit higher as one can argue that ass**** Shepard featured a ton of hilarious one-liners.

© 2013 The Galactic Pillow

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