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September 14, 2012

Update – Star Trek (2013)

by Master Pillow

All my friends know I am a big Trek fan and some have asked me why I haven’t bothered to update this site with the news that J.J. Abrams’ sequel to his Trek reboot now has a title.  Simply put, I was waiting for official confirmation but since just about every site on Earth is now reporting it to be true I might as well ram it up here now that the sequel is called “Star Trek Into Darkness.”  Yes, there’s no colon in the title.  No, I have very little additional information to add about the plot.  With a title like this one might be tempted to think the movie is taking a sharp turn in tone to the more dramatic over the slightly lighthearted angle Abram’s took in the original yet every cast member has basically denied that it gets too dark.  Oh well, we’ll see soon enough.

Now the guessing begins as to when the first trailer will appear.  Looking at the release schedule and specifically at Paramount Pictures movies there aren’t many “big” tentpole films coming from that studio this fall/winter.  Paranormal Activity 4 opens on October 19 but pairing a horror film with a brand new Trek trailer would be an awful mismatch.

November 21 is when Rise of the Guardians opens.  This is certainly a possibility although Rise of the Guardians is a family targeted 3D movie which isn’t exactly the target demographic for a Trek film even if it does “star” the voice of Chris Pine although this is Paramount’s big entry for American Thanksgiving weekend which will ensure a large audience.

Then a full month passes until December 21 when Paramount unleashes three movies on the same day although one of them is an impossibility since it is Cirque Du Soleil: World’s Away.  The other release is Jack Reacher, Tom Cruise’s new action movie while the last choice is This is 40 which is Judd Apatow’s new film.  Trek and Judd Apatow?  Not going to happen.  That leaves Jack Reacher as the best choice for Paramount on that weekend.

Still, Paramount doesn’t have to stick the new Trek trailer with any of its upcoming movies and can release it instead straight online.  In that case, it can come at anytime.  The movie wrapped filming on May 8 2012 which means it has been in post production for 4-5 months already and I am sure ILM was working on the FX while principal photography was going on anyways.  In other words, many FX shots will be complete by now so we’re bound to get a few money shots in the trailer.

© 2012 The Galactic Pillow

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