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July 14, 2012


Update – Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan (2012)

by Master Pillow

It’s been a few months since I last posted a blog entry about the upcoming Rurouni Kenshin live action adaptation that is due in Japanese cinemas this August 25, 2012.  Here is the latest 60 second television advertisement along with the full trailer that features new footage not seen in the teaser released at the beginning of the year.  Diehard Kenshin fans will no doubt pick up a lot of shots/scenes that seem directly ripped from the manga/anime so here’s hoping the final product is worthy.

In addition, for those who need to know here is all the cast and crew information that is currently available.  Fans of Japanese dramas will no doubt recognize many of these names and as for director Keishi Ohtomo he’s the guy who helmed the 49th NHK Taiga Drama, Ryōmaden.  I had hoped the original composer from the anime would be back but it is no surprise that director Keishi Ohtomo ended up picking his own composer, Naoki Sato, from Ryōmaden which is a great replacement in my opinion as I absolutely adored his score for the recent live action Space Battleship Yamato movie.

Based on the manga by Nobuhiro Watsuki
Screenplay by Kiyomi Fujii & Keishi Ohtomo
Produced by Shinzô Matsuhashi
Executive Producer William Ireton
Original Music by Naoki Sato
Cinematography by Takuro Ishizaka
Film Editing by Tsuyoshi Imai

Takeru Sato: Kenshin Himura
Emi Takei: Kaoru Kamiya
Yôsuke Eguchi: Saito Hajime
Munetaka Aoki: Sanosuke Sagara
Taketo Tanaka: Yahiko Myojin
Yû Aoi: Megumi Takani
Teruyuki Kagawa: Kanryuu Takeda
Kôji Kikkawa: Jine Udo

Full Theatrical Trailer:

60 Second Commercial:

Kenshin Movie Posters:

© 2012 The Galactic Pillow

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  1. Shennie
    Jul 14 2012

    The guy with the big sword and the main bad guy, they both look more interesting than Kenshin! Lol 😀

    • Master Pillow
      Jul 14 2012

      You mean Sano and Jine? Sano is Kenshin’s friend and Jine seems to be one of the main villains as it looks as if the movie is following about half of the first season of the anime.


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