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March 1, 2012


Technology – Blackberry Bold 9900 Unboxing

by Master Pillow

Here are some photos I took of my Blackberry Bold 9900 unboxing.  Admittedly, this is actually the first Blackberry I’ve ever had the privilege of using every day and though I realize that the company is really going through some rocky times at the moment I have to say that overall this unit is physically quite nice.

The metallic strip running along the sides of the unit really give it a quasi-industrial design aesthetic and the weight distribution makes it a joy to hold in your hand.  The physical keyboard is top notch and I had no problem adjusting to it as opposed to using the virtual keyboards on other operating systems.  Much like the iPhone 4/4S the phone really does look better without a case yet part of me still becomes worried that an errant drop will do some serious damage.  Still, I did place a screenguard on the display to prevent scratching.

At first I had intended on writing a review of this unit but there really isn’t much to say beyond the fact that though I generally find Blackberry OS 7 to be functional it really does feel a bit antiquated running next to flashier phones that use iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7.  Yet after a bit of a learning curve I can do anything with ease so it is not as if the phone doesn’t work as intended.  Blackberry as a company is losing the public relations battle big time but it doesn’t mean that this unit is junk although one hopes that they quickly turn the ship around or else Canada’s biggest tech brand will be headed in the same direction as Palm.

As a final note I really do give them props for including a belt case for “free” with the unit which is something I wished other companies did as well.  Considering these new high end smartphones all retail at $500+ one would think that including a case that might cost a few bucks is the least they can do.  Alas, most phone companies don’t which forces consumers to go buy a blasted accessory for some exorbitant price.

© 2012 The Galactic Pillow

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  1. AnonCookie
    Jun 28 2012

    Nice photos of the Blackberry 9900. I see a lot of business people using Blackberry phones. It is like a status symbol, showing off to others that they are white collar workers. I don’t belong to this group, so I don’t own one.

    I fiddled with this phone a couple of times. It took me more than a few flustered key presses just to make a simple phone call! Maybe I’m plain dumb, or the phone is simply not as intuitive as an iphone. Maybe it is specifically designed for smart people only! Sorry RIM, I don’t mean to be sarcastic, but you need to change your phone OS, to make it more user friendly.

    • Master Pillow
      Jul 1 2012

      Now that Blackberry 10 is postponed to next year RIM is in a world of hurt. I don’t think many analysts are on their side now and the next 6-9 months are going to be financially brutal for the company. I hope they survive since RIM employs many people but it certainly is looking grim right now. The 9900 is probably the best phone they have produced but unfortunately it seems it is too little too late as most now want a different form factor as well as a touch-friendly UI. Their only real hope is that Enterprise customers will stick with them long enough to want to upgrade to BB10 instead of WP8/Android/iOS but this is looking more unlikely as time passes.


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