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October 18, 2011


Photography – iPhone 4S Launch

by Master Pillow

Unlike last year when I made the horrible mistake of lining up….five unsuccessful times to buy an iPhone 4 (a feat I will never allow myself to partake in ever again!) this year I decided to do the less-stressful activity and order my iPhone 4S online right from the Apple store.  In fact I stayed up till 3AM, which got delayed to 4AM, just to be one of the first in line to place my order.  Thankfully that went through without a hitch although being delayed is always aggravating.

Nevertheless, my wife and I found ourselves in nearby Fairview mall at around 12:30pm during launch day and saw that the iPhone 4S line-up was still quite substantial even though they opened at 8am.  It has been a very long time since I have posted a photography update so here it is in all its glory along with a few shots of the Steve Jobs memorial Post-It notes that have been stuck onto the front of the Apple store.

Taken With: iPhone 4

© 2011 The Galactic Pillow

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  1. Shennie
    Oct 18 2011

    The photos you took on the iPhone 4 are very nice. I’m sure the camera on the iPhone 4S will be even better. 🙂

    The launch day line-up was really long indeed. Luckily I got mine online too. ;-))

    Today is the 5th day after launch date and I’ve already read a few complaints about “iPhone 4S yellow screen”, “short battery life while on standby”, and “Siri does not work in Canada”.

    I’ve personally seen the “yellow screen” and it is really, really bad. It seems like the black iPhone 4S has worse yellow tinged screen than the white iPhone. So I am returning my black one in exchange for a white one. Hopefully it will have a blue screen instead of a yellow one. (I am keeping my fingers crossed and praying very hard).


    • Master Pillow
      Oct 25 2011

      So far I have no issues with the iPhone 4S and the camera really seems as good as advertised. The pictures are sharper and the camera app is just much faster. There’s no way I am ever going to line up for an Apple product again as it is just too stressful! Plus, I’m getting older and I can’t keep up with all the youngsters LOL!

      As for the 4S yellow screen issue — yeah, I definitely can see the difference as some 4S units I’ve seen are downright pitiful in how yellow the screen is. If I compare my 4S to my 4 I can certainly tell the difference as my iPhone 4 has a bluer tinge that I find more pleasing to the eye. I know some have said to just leave the 4S on for an extended period of time and that the yellow tinge will go away yet after tons of use over the past few days I haven’t really noticed that it has changed. Still, although my 4S screen is a bit more yellow than my 4 it’s not such a big problem for me yet at least Apple is good enough to offer a full refund if anyone needs to return their 4S units.


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