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June 14, 2011


Photography – iPad 2 Launch

by Master Pillow

For my first photography post I looked into my recent photo backups and realized that I might as well start from a recent event thus here are two shots I took while I was lining up on iPad 2 launch day at the Best Buy at Markville Shopping Mall.  I can’t say that they are the most interesting or dynamic shots I’ve ever taken but as is customary with these types of events I find people tend to take shots of the huge lineup as a kind of memento.  In hindsight I wish I had taken a photo of the iPad 2 launch in Fairview Mall since people were lining up from the Apple Store all the way to the other side of the mall – we’re talking hundreds of people!

I don’t mind the waiting but instead of having us line up inside the mall like the Apple Store does the Best Buy staff decided to herd everyone outside the store which would have been a good choice if it was not minus 10 degrees Celsius!

Throw in a wickedly cold wind chill and within 5 minutes I was beginning to doubt that I would ever last the entire waiting time.  Thankfully, my wife went and bought me a nice sweatshirt and took over for a short period of time while I went to a nearby Walmart and bought a foldup chair and got a nice steaming cup of Tim Hortons coffee which unfortunately did not keep me warm for too long.  Let’s just say that when iPad 3 launches that I am NOT going to line up in the freezing cold again!

I lined up at around 12:30pm and had to wait till the launch hour at 5:00pm.  When I lined up there were about 40 people in front of me but by 5:00pm there were well over 120+ people.  Thankfully, most people got what they wanted although I have no doubt that those at the end of the line had to take whatever units were left.  Anecdotally, there were a lot of people interested in the white 16GB Wi-fi only Pad.

Now, even after a few months after launch it is next to impossible to find iPad 2 stock at Best Buy unless you are lucky and are there when the shipment arrives.  However, I can basically just walk into an Apple Store and pick up a unit which obviously tells me that Apple is prioritizing its own retail stores.  No surprise here!

Taken by: iPhone 4

© 2011 The Galactic Pillow

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  1. Elaine
    Jun 15 2011

    I still remember the freezing cold. ahh… the things that we do while still young, hahah. The photos are really artsy. It’s taken with LemeLeme app right?

    Love the photos and the app. :-))

  2. Master Pillow
    Jun 16 2011

    LOL yeah I can’t see myself standing in line like this if I am pushing 70 although truth be told there were many seniors lining up as well probably to buy units for their kids or grandchildren! Yup, the pictures are taken with LemeLeme except the first one which is the normal iPhone 4 camera app although I ran it through a Photoshop filter.

  3. Jun 20 2011

    it must be very cold there, all the people with big jackets. But its worth to line up for iPad 2! 🙂


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