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June 12, 2011


Entertainment – Punch It!

by Master Pillow

As I began the process of exporting my old blogger site over here to WordPress I was struck at just how long ago it was that I began writing these entries and that I had started back then penning articles about the upcoming J.J. Abrams Star Trek (2009) reboot.  Well, here we go again as we’re about a year away from Star Trek 12 or Abram’s Star Trek II if you prefer that nomenclature and this time around the hype machine is going to go into overdrive considering that the reboot went on to become the highest grossing Star Trek movie of all time even when taking into account inflation.  Suffice to say, this next movie has the potential to really blow the doors open for Trek and blast the franchise back into the upper echelons of movie stardom.  Of course, it could do a Matrix Revolutions and plunge the franchise back into the abyss but let’s hope all involved have the smarts to realize that the stakes are just as high on this sequel.

What will it be about and who will be the villain?  Will J.J. Abrams return or will Paul WS Anderson swoop in and ruin everything he touches? You know as much as I do which is exactly nothing right now except that Paramount Pictures has already pencilled in Star Trek 12(ii) to be released June 29, 2012.  Considering that it is now June and that the script is not even completed I have to say they are getting perilously close to the cutoff date when filming needs to begin in order to get the movie done on time.  If I had to guess the latest they could conceivably start filming would be September/October giving them at least half a year after principal photography is completed to finish off the editing and effects work.  Hopefully, they avoid a Star Trek: TMP debacle and run out of time to finish many effects and rush the thing out into the theatre.

With Star Wars effectively put out to cinematic pasture for the foreseeable future (although the Clone Wars TV show has actually gotten progressively better with each episode) Trek has the golden opportunity to hog the spotlight especially in the science fiction genre which is currently inundated with comic book films.  That’s not a knock against Batman or Spiderman but merely to point out that traditional space opera has not had much success in even getting into cinemas as of late.  Other science fiction films such as Battle Los Angeles and last year’s Skyline have basically flopped or performed well below expectations but if I had to guess I would chalk up their relative failures more due to the fact that they just weren’t good films rather than audiences becoming tired of science fiction in general.

Even on television science fiction doesn’t seem to be gaining any traction with the demise of Caprica, Stargate Universe and the V reboot.  Shows such as Fringe are holding their own but I don’t think many would categorize it as being a traditional space epic.  With Smallville ending we’re not left with many science fiction standard bearers although pseudo-science fiction/fantasy shows like Vampire Diaries seem to be doing fine.  Nothing against Vampire Diaries as the show is decent but gone are the days when new Trek episodes were on multiple times a day.  Perhaps one day Trek will eventually make its way back to the small screen but the current economic climate seems to be running against the one hour drama and more to cheap reality TV.  Shows like Trek are very expensive propositions with a high degree of risk so it is understandable that network executives would rather hedge their bet and order five or six reality shows for the price of an hour drama.

Still, there is some hope for the small screen as the new Battlestar Galactica Prequel is on the way and former Galactica/Trek guru Ron Moore has his new 17th Precinct pilot that sounds intriguing although I just discovered that the show is basically dead and not moving into series production.  Don’t even talk about the mess surrounding the now canned Wonder Woman reboot. Until then we live action space opera fans will have to look abroad at other titles such as the impending DVD/Blu-Ray release for the live action Space Battleship Yamato starring good old Takuya Kimura and of course there’s always the BBC’s new Doctor Who.  Of course, we can always snuggle up on our couches and rewatch every single Star Trek episode and movie ever made but I’ve seen them so many times already that I’d rather be attacked by flying pizzas than to force myself to see them again.

As a special end note, if you really want to “see” the best space opera that has been released in the past few years then merely fire up your Xbox 360 and go play Mass Effect 1 & 2.  Trust me, it’s that good.  Just remember that Female Commander Shepard kicks male Shepard’s ass and you’ll be alright.

© 2011 The Galactic Pillow

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  1. Elaine
    Jun 15 2011

    I don’t know much about Star Trek, but I really like the last Trek movie with Zachary Quinto. Watched it in the cinema, twice! He is a cute young Mr. Spock. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the new sequel will be just as good or even better. 🙂

    I like science fiction, it is sort of like an escape from my mundane daily life. The only science fiction that we watch right now is Futurama! I think it is one of the best science fiction TV series of all time. And of course I love Gundam Seed, Ghost in a Shell, Evangelion and a few others. Japanese sci-fi anime are really good, very “realistic” and believable, lol.

  2. Master Pillow
    Jun 16 2011

    Science fiction has always been my favourite genre and I personally like Futurama much more than The Simpsons. Maybe I should write a review for it as well? LOL better put it on the todo list.

  3. Elaine
    Jun 18 2011

    Futurama is really good. I wish there were more seasons of it though. Will the studio be making more episodes in the future?

    P/S: Am waiting to read your review on it. 🙂


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